Monday, January 12, 2009

Astonish women with that monster inside my jeans?

You feel like your little friend down there is good for nothing?
If you have just a bit tool, you can have a mega tool.
Your extra inches are waiting for you - just come and take them.
Supersize it - don't wait another minute.
Women like when they are surrendered by a man with big member.
Women will be standing in line just to touch your boner.
No matter how you look - but your friend down there always looks great!
This society is cruel so to fit in it you need to have a big instrument.
Playing a big instrument brings bigger pleasure to women.
After you see what the ruler shows you will rule the world.
You can look like you belong to the rich society.
Astonish women with that monster inside your jeans.
She will stay by your side as you have that bulgy pride.
I love it when they gag.
Now I penetrate her so deep.
Tired of girls rejecting you?
The more inches you have, the more time you get to enjoy them.
Change your member once and enjoy it for the rest of your life.
Taking her by the scruff.
Now men with abnormal sizes can enjoy this life.
Even famous movie stars would give up everything for a bigger tool.